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Girlfriend's Reaction to 'Ring Shopping' Surprise Is Way Too Cute

Clearly she wasn't expecting this to happen.

If you need a little feel good in your day, this just might be it. @kevincooneyy shared this sweet video of him with his girlfriend out in NYC. She was in for quite a surprise; she just didn't know it. 

The video starts with Kevin asking his girlfriend what she thinks they're going to be doing while they're in the city. She replies that she thought they were meeting up with a friend. Little did she know that Kevin had other plans...

The look on her face is the best! She was totally surprised when he told her that they were going ring shopping, as would any girl! It was really a sweet surprise, and we bet she enjoyed the day very much! We wonder if he proposed when she picked out the ring. Probably not. @Daniela, who must be a friend, shared, "Omg!! I honestly cannot wait for this to happen; I know Kev is going to plan the most amazing proposal!"

@morgan mccarthy commented, "The excitement on her face is everything!" We agree! @CAupp said what we were all thinking, "That’s it?! I want more!! I want to see the bling!!" @Allison Kuch says, "her reaction… why am I crying?" @Sabzy made us chuckle with, "I’m crying for strangers on the internet.", as did @Leah Alexandra 14 who says, "I’ve never been so excited for strangers before!"

There were lots of very happy commenters, who have been following their relationship online and who commented about how it's finally happening. We hope the two of them found the ring that they were looking for, and we'll be waiting for the proposal!