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Divorce Coach Hilariously Explains Why Some Relationships Don't Work Out

It really doesn't get much more simple.

This is the breakup advice that everybody going through it needs to hear. @Leah Marie Divorce Coach sums up why some relationships just don't work out, and it couldn't be said any simpler than this. 

Although the video is only 6 seconds long, it packs a punch. We love her caption, "Thank you for coming to my TED talk" because that's pretty much what it is! Her explanation is so accurate as to why sometimes even the best marriages end in divorce

"Sometimes it doesn't work out because they're an asshole. And they deserve to be with another asshole. And you're not an asshole." Simple as that, friends!

@Tammi Bonfils White understood and said, "I guess I don’t need therapy now." @Sam Finkler got it too, "Alright, alright the math is mathing with this one." @sannbazan liked the advice and said, "Point blank period." @Speez agreed, "Stop overthinking ladies. This woman knows what she’s talking about."  

@laclark333 and many others thanked Leah for the advice and said, "This is exactly what I needed today." @Maranda admits, "Filed for divorce today. Needed this." @Tiffany shares "This needs to be the sound that plays every time I open my phone so I don’t text my ex! How can I do this??" Leah has some advice for her, "My clients change the name & profile picture of their ex in their phone to something that reminds them" (with the poop emoji following).

It's really all about perspective, and we like @Valerie's comment, "Yes! I mean do we need more of a reason than this right here?" Nope. It's a pretty valid reason!

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