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Woman Swears Asking a Partner This One Question Makes People Cry

Have you ever thought about asking your significant other a question about you or your relationship just to see what they'd say? Would you be surprised by their answer? 

In this clip shared by @brendonandbrina, a woman reacts as she learns the answer to this ONE question that she swears every woman needs to ask their partner. It's kind of like playing twenty-questions, but you only have to ask one.

We're not entirely sure what response she received, but it seems like something she was happy to hear, as she's literally almost in terms by the looks of it. 

Many viewers put this question to the test in their own relationships and reported their hilarious answers. One commenter, @kae2001, says, "He said 'well that’s far too deep for a Thursday night'," while @rebeccablades92 added, "He said 'who said I want to spend the rest of my life with you' HAHAHAHAHA." Well, at least these guys have a good sense of humor. On a more serious note, viewer @beck.cannon claims, "He said 'When you made me realize there was happiness out there and made me feel loved and that I had a purpose." Aww how sweet!

We have to wonder how many people would be caught off guard by a question like this, and we're also curious to know how many would be able to pull off an articulate, yet honest response. Are you brave enough to ask your significant other this question? Would they deliver a charming reply or would they drop the ball?