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Sweet Video Proves the End of a Relationship Can Be a New Beginning

We've all heard the saying that when one door closes, another one opens. Such is true for TikToker Katie who shares her story on how a breakup with her ex was the start of a whole new chapter in her life. Now, she's now loving herself in all the ways that her ex-boyfriend never did. 

What she does after her relationship ends is absolutely amazing! 

No breakup tears happening around here! We love how instead letting sadness or anger consume her days, she's instead taking control of her life and using each day as a chance to start new and enjoy life as it is. She's not letting someone who couldn't love her the way she needed to get the best of her. Instead, she's giving that love to herself. Now this is a great attitude to have! 

Viewers are so inspired by Katies story as well. User @faveperformers says, "Thank you for showing to others that the end of a relationship isn’t the end, but just another beginning!" to which Katie replied, "Boy was it a beginning of an adventure I NEVER thought I’d have but MAN am I enjoying the ride!!!!" This is great to hear! One commenter, @oh_ratts shares an insightful piece of wisdom, "In the heat of the battle we often miss the bullets we dodge. Make your life amazing and fill it with the people you deserve!" So true. 

It's clear that having fun with your life and approaching each day with abundance and joy feels better than being sad and feeling sorry for yourself. Hats off to Katie for adopting a positive outlook and carving out the path that propels her into a life filled with fun, adventure, and love for herself.