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'Red Flag/Green Flag' Point System for Dating Might Be a Game-Changer

It's kind of like a rating system but not.

Some people have no problem going on multiple dates before having an actual real conversation with someone (hard to talk in the movies or at a concert). Personally, I think that vetting folks as soon as possible helps to value both people’s time. And oftentimes, that can happen before a date ever transpires.

One way to see where someone is coming from is to follow @daijne_jones’s lead. She has a pretty brilliant way of getting to know her dating prospects better before getting dressed up and heading out of the comfort and convenience of her home. Check it out.

*First up, she posts A LOT on her page and this series doesn’t appear to be in order. Yet if you want to see the first one and then scroll around for the rest, the series seems to begin here.*

Yeah, this is some good stuff because she can find out quite a bit about someone online (or by the phone) first. If you’re a casual dater, this might not seem like a game-changing strategy; however, if you’re all about dating with intention in 2023, this can help you to make the most of your time and achieve your goal.

Probably my favorite part of this is when she said, "If you don't have any red flags, you are a walking red flag." Indeed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men and women out here who are so caught up in the “I am the prize” mindset that they think they’re absolutely flawless — and she’s right, that’s a lie (no human is perfect)…even if they are lying to themselves.

One more thing that makes this a great idea is, not everyone is going to be your soulmate or love match. Still, you might find that they have enough “green flags” to become a cool friend.

The more I think about her approach, I don’t see any — pardon the pun — red flags about it.

Give it a shot. It could make dating easier than it’s ever been for you. You never know.

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