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Man's Joke About the Reality of Dating 'Cougars' Has Us Cracking Up

He's not wrong, and it's priceless!

If you need a laugh today, we already found it for you! @mr.jones916 had us cracking up as he talks about dating a 'cougar' - an older woman for those of you who may be living under a rock.

More specifically, he talks about the "walk of shame" (the morning after) and how it hits differently when you were with a cougar the night before. What he says is hilarious and he's not wrong!

"She sent me home with a bunch of mashed potatoes in and old butter tub." We LOLd when we read that! He looks so serious when he says it. We're not sure how he kept a straight face!

Commenters had a lot of fun with it too. @Rebecca Louzaway asks, "Are you dating my grandma?" @BeMoreCersei jokes, "That, my friend, is no walk of shame. That’s the stride of pride." We laughed at @WJB's comment, "With the old butter tub and not the good Tupperware.", to which @QueenBee said, "No man is worth handing over Tupperware." @Theessenceofawoman made us laugh with, "Did she make sure you had a jacket on too?"

@Ricky Hall looked at the bright side with, "That's a good morning you got lunch for the day." He's not wrong! And @Chokhma added, "In all my years as a cougar, I have never sent a guy home with anything other than a smile on his face." 

We love finding TikToks like this that make us laugh. It looks like everyone else who watched it laughed right along with us!