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Woman's Real-Life 'Hallmark' Love Story Has People in Tears

We're all so happy for her!

This is the sweetest story, and it really is like a cheesy Hallmark movie! Girl gets out of bad relationship, moves to a small town, meets a cowboy, refuses him, and in the end, they live happily ever after. It really happened like that, and we are so glad Sheri Bean Tolbert shared it with us!

Sheri is open about how it all went down. She moved back to her hometown four years ago to live with her sister and figure out what she wanted to be when she 'grows up'. She was not interested in a relationship. After meeting the handsome man in town, she wasn't interested. Even though he kept asking.

Her excuse - explosive diarrhea - to avoid going on a date had us laughing! The rest of the video is pretty serious, and her emotions are palpable. She is so grateful, and you can tell. Her message, not to settle, not to date until you're ready, is so strong. Wait for the right one to come along, not the right time!

Commenters loved Sheri's fairy tale ending. "farmgirl653 says, "I’m not over here crying. I’m so happy for you, you give the rest of us hope! Congratulations!" @Sheri Phillips appreciates the story too, "This makes me have second thoughts, a man has been trying for two years with me I keep pushing him away. Maybe I need to give him a chance!" @Kerry Ann offers, "So so happy for you!! I know firsthand how tall the wall can be because of the past. Hugs to you."

@carolkingsmith says what we are all thinking, "I’m so happy for. I hope and pray everything goes well for you and the Cowboy." Congrats to the newlyweds and thanks for sharing your story!

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