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Couple's Rainy NYC Engagement Photoshoot Is So Magical

They'll treasure these photos forever.

You know how they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.... what about rain on your engagement photoshoot day?

@ckmont recently shared a stunning photoshoot that they shot of a couple in New York City in the rain. The caption pretty much sums everything up that needs to be said, "This is why you should never cancel a photoshoot when it rains. It’s a real-life rom com", and indeed it was!

Gorgeous right? So magical. We love how it's a series of unposed photos. They're not stuffy and boring! It shows them having a drink, running through the rain, snuggling under a clear umbrella, and doing all sorts of other fun stuff. They look so happy and like they're having a blast! The photographer definitely captured some special moments of their Christmas shoot in NYC!

Commenters swooned! @Laura B. says, "I never knew I liked engagement photos until now." Another commenter felt the same, "I hate engagement photos because they look so awkward and cheesy. These are FABULOUS. You have a real gift- I can’t wait to see how far you go with your craft." @Jenny Hall made us giggle with, "Saving for my potential engagement in the year 2035." 

We agree with @jillyanne who said, "Sooooooo cute - I love the one pic where he was holding the umbrella over her head!" We did too! We also nodded at @Rob's comment, "Literally looks like a movie this are amazing you have a great POV!" We think so too! We love this idea for engagement photos! We want to see more!

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