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Man Lists Key Questions to Ask Before Jumping Into Bed with Someone

When it comes to sex, communication of needs and desires can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. No one wants to judged or shamed for anything, and even opening up to our own vulnerability can be challenging. Though, these days, we're lucky because we have relationship experts online helping us out. 

TikToker @therapyjeff is at it again, and this time, he's proposing a list of questions to ask before hopping into the sack with someone. 

Well, this is definitely a thoughtful and compressive list of questions. Though, they are also great questions to ask someone before sleeping with them. Getting answers to these will reveal a lot about the person you're with and they'll help you feel more comfortable with your encounters as well. 

Some viewers seem to agree as well. TikToker @sowhatandisahi says, "I love your out of the box questions, they really help me approach communication."

On the other hand, other viewers are a little hesitant about the experience of asking questions like these. Commenter @bdnoises says, "The moment would definitely be lost if those 8 questions were asked," and @bemmoth says, "I feel like some people don't know the answer to some even after several years together."

It's understandable that having a full on Q and A session beforehand isn't exactly sexy, but healthy communication is essential if you want to maximize on the connection and intimacy with your partner. If these questions are extremely awkward for you to ask, it might be wise to explore in order to understand why that might be. 

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