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Video Prank of Bride Being Asked for 'Proof of Consummation' Is Going Viral

A good prank will come when one least expects it. Arguably, the best ones aren't very  obvious and leave the recipient confused. That's what's going on in one TikTok video gone viral. 

In this clip, prank connoisseur @soakinginoatmeal confidently rings up new bride to provide proof of consummation, and her reaction is hilarious! Could you pull this off with such a straight face? 

This is too funny! We have to wonder, how did she not laugh through the entire call? The woman on the other ends was definitely confused, but's it's also hilarious how she just kind of goes along with it, not really questioning what's going on. Maybe she's sure what the word "consummation" means, but maybe she thinks that's just part of the legal process she wasn't previously aware of. 🤣

Viewers are rolling over this one. User @renee26..._ says, "Tell me you don't know the definition of 'Consummation' without telling me you don't know the definition of 'Consummation,'" and @immafemale_cisneros adds, "This is wild someone would calmly comply to such a request." Right? We have to wonder what she was thinking and whether or not she figured out what was happening. One commenter, @stitches.official, adds this thought, "People thinking she doesn't know what consummation means. I believe she does but is just going along with this new law so she can be married."

If it's true then it's safe to say she's willing to endure quite a whole to be married. We wonder what her husband has to say about this, though. 

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