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Photographer Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video of Gorgeous Fall Proposal

We're so happy for this couple!

We absolutely adore this video shared by @anastasiaklimo! Anastasia is a photographer who helped set up her friend's surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

The scene is in the woods, where she sets up a beautiful picnic in front of a bridge covered in twinkle lights. Then she hides behind a tree until she sees the couple coming. So much thought and work went into this beautiful setting!

Her friends - Kenzie and Pat are so happy! Kenzie was so surprised and didn't seem to expect anything was happening except that maybe they were going for a romantic walk in the woods. We did shed some happy tears for the newly engaged couple and bet that you did too! @annie sure did, "Engagements ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY!"

Wasn't the spot gorgeous? @Brit BrideToBe wasn't wrong when she said, "That spot is so dreamy!" @abbie noticed "he looked so proud and happy I’m crying!" There were lots of comments expressing congratulations and how beautiful the proposal was. 

We were surprised by the number of commenters asking questions about the camera, how she edited, filters, etc. @esthercandreassen asks, "So sweet. Did you use a 50mm for these?" while @<3 wants to know, "Is there a filter you used because the pictures are amazing!" @NicholeRankE complimented Anastasia with, "Great editing!" @_Lauraa and a few others wanted to know, "Would love to hear how you combined the video/ photos."

What really got @Daniela was when Kenzie saw her friend, ""Is that Ana?"" - Anastasia said that literally made her cry. What a great friendship! Anastasia also said in her caption, "Being able to capture these big life moments is def why I love being a photographer." You're great at it, too. The video and photos are all beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple!