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Woman Shares 'Most Petty' Date She's Had and We're Speechless

The nerve of this dude!

Talk about petty! Actress @Roxy Striar shared the story of the pettiest date that she's ever been on, and it is quite a story!

She starts out by saying that they were going out on their first date. The plan was to just meet for drinks, but it ended up becoming dinner...and almost four hours long. They had great conversation, and he was asking her interesting questions. Then he asked her a question she thought was weird. Turns out, the answer to that question may have turned this date into a game.

Can you believe it? He ended up ghosting her just so he could be the first guy that did that to her? Mind blowing! What a jerk, right? She says in her caption, "Weird flex but okay." We agree with her. He takes game playing to the next level with that one. @LJETTJR thought the same thing, "He did you a favor. saved months years of games." 

@Barbara advised, "The bad communication prior to the date was your red flag you missed it." Roxy agreed with her on that point. @Wendy said, "Welcome to dating", to which Roxy responds with "I don't think I like it here!"

Commenter @E said, "I’ve had a great first date but there was something that I saw that wasn’t going to work out so that was that. A bit much to think it couldn’t be you." Women weren't having it. @JWR replied back to him with, "All your pics and videos are all the red flags we are warning women about!" and @Angie Caldwell Bond backed her up with, "Factssssss."

@Emmanuel makes a good point with, "If 6 years relationship didn’t work for you, while you think one day will work??" She didn't respond to this question, but it's really a question worth thinking over. Hoping her next dating experience is better than this one!

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