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Man's Dedication to Making Perfect Engagement Video Is the Best

What a gem this guy is!

Okay, every woman on TikTok who watched @sterlingolmstead's video is now in love with her new fiancé! He went above and beyond to make the perfect engagement video, and he nailed it!

It starts out with her flashing her new engagement ring. The video then rewinds back to 47 days ago, when he went to her parents' house to tell them he was going to propose. The video continues with a countdown to the big day. It looked like the stars aligned and everything was perfect, including the weather.

We're not crying, you're crying! Isn't that the sweetest? Not only did he surprise her with a proposal, but he even surprised her with lunch with all of their family and friends. What a perfect day!

Commenters loved the story, too. We agree with @Katie who said, "This is the cutest thing ever!" @Brooke made us laugh with, "“You only brought up getting engaged 85 times today” This is me every day!" @Mack got to see the engagement firsthand and shared, "My friends and I were on a walk and saw you guys taking pictures and thought you guys looked amazing!! Congratulations!!" 

@Asha Banks loved, "OMG the shot at the restaurant with y’all kissing and everyone lifting their champagne glasses!" @Bethany asked, "How do guys decide what day to propose? Was this was special day to you two? Or was it random?" @Bumble even popped in to say, "Congratulations!"

But what was most talked about seemed to be about someone that Sterling's fiancé resembles - Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. Like @Margaret Johnson who noticed, "He looks like Steve from Stranger Things!" So many others commented on it, too. We definitely see a resemblance!

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