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Man Perfectly Explains Why We Feel Guilty When Setting Boundaries

This makes so much sense!

Well this makes a whole lot of sense! @peopledispleaser recently shared a video explaining why we feel guilty when we set boundaries, and he's not wrong!

With over one million views and thousands of comments, people must really be listening to what he has to say on this topic. He starts by admitting that he is a former people pleaser and alcoholic and is now on a mission to help people live better lives. He explains that people pleasing is really the need to get external validation from others. He goes on to explain what happens in your brain, and how you can get over it the need to please others. His explanation is almost too simple to even believe, but it makes sense!

To get over guilt, you need to stop giving a shit about what everybody else thinks. Genius! It's almost too easy to believe! But it is probably a lot harder to actually do than it sounds. 

Commenters had a lot to say, too. Clemmy456 says, "Someone once said to me “You better have boundaries because takers don’t have any."" He's not wrong. @Dab makes us laugh with, "What does it mean when setting boundaries brings me great pleasure and comfort now, especially when I know it makes them upset lol" @Cheryl Bowman shares honestly, "I’m so deep in this people pleasing life, I can’t even think of a boundary to set." @Addicted Redacted made us chuckle with, "Damn. Ok ok. Next time you come for me like that, send a town car."

@Dotti asks what we are all wondering, "That’s great advice but HOW do you stop caring?" @peopledispleaser responds with, "Video response coming!", so we'll be on the lookout for it! 

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