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Counselor Explains Just How Much 'Smell' Matters in a Relationship

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Have you ever dated someone who for some reason you just didn't like the way they smell? It's not that they have body odor, but something about their scent is just... off? Well, one woman claims to have an explanation on this. 

Couple's therapist @taylorpalmby fills us in on some much needs info about body chemistry, scent, and attraction. 

What she's saying makes a lot of sense! Aside from obvious body odor, there's going to be people who you'll find that you just don't care for the way they smell. In the series "Sex and the City," character Samantha Jones is quoted as saying, "It's all about the pheromones. We're all just animals reacting to each other's smell," and she's right. 

Many viewers seem to agree as well. User @savannahall3 says, "Definitely understand this, often tell my husband he smells good 'like him'. Don’t have a name for the smell just love it." Commenter @ravenolapointe adds, "When my friends aren’t into a guy anymore the first thing they complain about is their smell." 

On another note, user @kb_crafts informs us, "It should be noted that being on birth control can change this phenomenon! Birth control makes you more indifferent to men’s scents." That's good to know! Finally, @bolorhaig advises, "Ok ok buy y'all gotta know the difference between natural smell and straight up BO. You're not supposed to like the BO." 

Let's hope there's no one out there who actually likes the smell of BO! That aside, beware of someone whose scent you're just not attracted to. It's an indication they might not be right for you. 

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