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Boyfriend's Reason for Asking Girlfriend to Paint Her Nails Blue Is Too Perfect

This is a memory they'll never forget.

We love a good wedding proposal, and the story behind this one makes us love it even more! @brookenicholededwards shared this recently, and we can't stop watching it. Her excitement is contagious!

In the video, you see Brooke and her new husband-to-be Zac after the proposal has already happened. She keeps saying, "yes, yes, yes!", they continuously hug, and you can tell they are both beyond happy. She goes on to say in the video that Zac always asked her to paint her nails blue because he wanted them to be blue when he proposed. Why? We don't know. Maybe blue nails was the cue he was waiting for to know that Brooke was ready to marry him. Anyways, Brooke says she always said no, but decided to paint them blue as a joke...never thinking that he was going to propose.

"My nails are blue!" We love when the realization hits her!  This was so sweet and uplifting and we can't get enough of it! What a fun proposal idea!

Commenters were fans, too. @Jen Helton laughed, "Imagine him waiting for you to finally paint them blue so he could. He’s had the ring for years." Brooke replied back, "He actually had this date picked out since October when he got the ring, it was just a funny coincidence that my nails were blue!!" Definitely a happy coincidence! @Stephany says, "We need a back story!" @Brooke says, "FYI: Zac 1000% knew I was going to say yes regardless of nail color. That man knows I love him more than life." Too sweet!

@Kaleigh had a great idea and we hope Brooke takes it, "Please have blue nails for your wedding or a pop of blue on your nails somehow. How special!" Brooke already had the same thought and shared, "I think it’s decided that my bridesmaids and I will have blue nails for the wedding. It fits the color scheme!" We can't wait to see pictures down the road. Congratulations to Brooke and Zac!

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