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Couple's Tradition of Doing 'Old-People Breakfast' Is Way Too Cute

What a fun idea for young kids like this.

We're not gonna lie, we LOVE this idea! @Kalista Dwyer recently shared the cutest video of a date that her and her boyfriend went on, and now we want to do it, too!

The video Kalista shares has our hearts. In it, she explains that her boyfriend started a fun date tradition. They go out for 'old people breakfast' in which they get dressed up like old people and hit up old people breakfast spots. 

Now we don't know where the Pfunky Griddle is, but we definitely want to go there! They both look so cute dressed up like old people. But we have questions. Like, how old is old? What qualifies as an old people breakfast joint? Do they ever go with friends because it would be fun to see a bunch of young, old people all together!

We weren't the only ones that loved this idea. @Rainy says, "This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!" @Gigi shares, "I’ve been geriatric since the age of 5. My spirit animal is a senior. I love this." @Jane offers up, "If you're ever in Philly, go to Daddypops - you’ll have the best old people breakfast of your life." And we loved @RosemaryFairy's response: "This is me and my man but we just are old young people." @Madison Wyngaert's response made our hearts happy too, "My fiancé and I do crosswords at breakfast and it’s the best!"

@Strph_the_Brph wasn't having it though, and said, "I think it's really funny watching all the millenials and Late Gen Z people turn into adults without realizing they're just doing stuff that adults do." But he was pretty much alone in taking the grouchy approach to such a fun post. There were lots and lots of comments with commenters tagging their significant others asking, begging, pleading to go on an old person breakfast date. 

Whether you're old or young, breakfast dates always rock!