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Woman Shares How Not to Get Attached After the First Date

This advice just might work!

It happens to the best of us. We go on a first date that we think just might be the best date we've ever been on, and turns out, you never hear from that person again. You get attached to somebody you don't even know. It's frustrating and devastating.

@serenakerrigan thinks that she has the answer to this problem. She starts of by saying that it's happened to her too; she gets attached to someone and even starts to think she's now "off the market." And then it happens, she gets ghosted. Her solution seems simple and sounds fun. Her caption reads, "never forget the rule of thirds," and we think she's on to something here!

Serena's advice? Date at least three people at a time. That way you're getting attention from three different directions and don't just focus all of your energy on one person. You're not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Pretty smart, right?

Comments were mixed on the subject. @Smfker made us laugh with, "I’m struggling to find one guy worth dating at a time.", as did @Katie who shared, "True but then I literally forget which person told me what about them and they all become one person in my mind." @Kelsey Mac admits, "YES my life changed when I dated 3 at a time!"

@mariahgrippo, who Serena created this TikTok in response to said, "Omg you really hopped out of bed for me ily thank you angel girl.Ugh NEEDED THAT. 3s a charm. and UR RIGHT!!!!" Serena responded back with, "I really did!! I had to remind you that you're not waiting to be chosen, you're the one who chooses!!!! Rule of 3 always!"

Whether you think it'll work or not, it's worth giving a shot. Worst that could happen is that you have three bad dates, while the best is that you might have three good ones!

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