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NFL Cheerleader's Epic Wedding Reception Dance Is Going Viral

This puts all other weddings to shame.

Okay, we weren't even there and had fun at this reception! @Multiply Media shared a video of NFL cheerleader @Darby Ball's wedding reception dance, and it is too fun!

It's high energy and there are pom poms, and you can tell the audience is enjoying it as much as Darby and her bridesmaids! The ladies all planned a choreographed dance to Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'. It's the best!

With over 3.5 million views, 5.5 million likes, and more than 9,000 comments, this video is definitely getting some TikTok love! Her dress is so cute, too. @Maria Martinez agreed, "Her outfit is adorable!!!" Can you imagine the energy at the reception after this? And what a great group of friends she has to help her pull this off, not to mention they're all gorgeous! @panos moraitis made us laugh when he said, "they: how many times have you seen it? me: yes" And @mirasoatabff noticed Darby's new husband enjoyed it too, "So cool he looks so proud!"

Not everybody thought it was cool that Darby worked on her big day. @Jorge Villalobos laughs, "so, she is basically working on her wedding day." @Ichban.Otedama agreed with, "I'm an engineer...I don't do engineering when I'm NOT at work..." We liked what @soph <3 had to say to all of the naysayers, "why are ppl so mad in the comments? like it’s THEIR wedding not yours? don’t do your job at a wedding if u don’t want to." She makes a good point!

And not to be outdone by all of the gorgeous cheerleaders, Darby's Dad even joins in the fun and danced with all of the girls to 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC. It's pretty awesome, too. Guess we know where she got her rhythm from!

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