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Bride's 'National Treasure'-Themed Bachelorette Party Is Too Fun

We'd love to see more footage from the night.

Well, this is a fun and unique idea for a bachelorette party! A night out with the girls is always fun, throw in a theme for the night and it gets even better!

@vanessa.reads shares a video of her and her friends out celebrating the bride's upcoming nuptials. It seems that Vanessa is not the bride, but she is one of the friends. It looks like they had a lot of fun recreating the bride's favorite movie, 'National Treasure.' We never thought about a bachelorette party having a theme based on a movie, but it seems to work!

Short and sweet, and we really wanted to see more of the fun from the night! The outfits are on point, and the bride looks like she's literally on a mission! Vanessa's caption reads, "We envisioned this being much more elaborate, but the night had other things in store." That seems to happen often on girls' night out!

Commenters showed up for the fun, too. @emma laughs, "lmao this is so dorky and wholesome I hope you had a nice night!", and Vanessa replied, "We did!! She pulled out the declaration at the bars. People loved it." @silmaremily shared, "I literally did the Mount Vernon specialty tour and made my family visit the filming locations in NY and Philly. BE MY FRIEND." @Paige Kleczewski admits, "I have found my people." @Erin says, "I’ve said for years I want this to be my theme. Can she and I be best friends?"

We honestly had no idea that the movie had such a following. Thanks to Vanessa and her friends for making so many brides-to-be dreams come true!

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