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Bachelor' Star's Girlfriend Explains Why the 'DM' Is the New 'I Love You'

This gives new meaning to slipping into someone's dms.

We love this! Natalie Joy, girlfriend to Nick Viall (who was The Bachelor) talks with @dearmedia about the beginning of their relationship.

The two have been dating since the summer 2020 but didn't initially share that they were dating until about 6 months later. They're both gorgeous, but it was a chance encounter that brought them together. Natalie found him on her Instagram page, and DM'd him a very short message. It must have worked because they've been dating since. Word on the street is that they may even be discussing marriage!

"You're unreal" It's so original right? At least she can LOL about it, as we see in the clip. Commenters couldn't believe it was that easy for Natalie to find Mr. Right. @Melts21 says, "Wait what platform was he on? It cannot be this easy surely!" We agree, we are over here saying, 'it's never been that easy for us!'

@John Picciuto Photographer said, "Wait I love this!" We thought the same thing! They're such a cute couple and have so much fun together. She's even been a guest on Nick's podcast, The Viall Files, which is about dating and love. Wonder if she shared this cute story there!

And @thebaseballgal wrapped up comments with, "OMG go queen!!" She's not wrong. It takes a lot of guts to slide into someone's DMs - especially someone on Instagram who has a million followers - and hope they respond! The chance of him even seeing the DM was a long shot. She got very lucky in love!