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Couple's Movie Theater Engagement Is So Cute and Clever

What a fun idea this is!

We love a good marriage proposal, and this one is so unique! @chelsey posted a video of how her boyfriend proposed to her at a movie theater and we absolutely loved this idea.

The video starts showing the movie screen. It's a bit hard to read and a little shaky, but the gist of it is her now fiancé saying how he'd love to go to the movies with her forever. You just have to watch it because the whole think is so sweet! 

We're not crying, you're crying! You can tell that Chelsey was super surprised by the proposal and very happy. The best part was the movie ticket with their names on it. So thoughtful! We just want to know if they actually stayed and watched a movie after this - we wouldn't be able to!

@Yaz loved the idea too and shared, "Omg this reminds me of New Girl!" Chelsey replied back, "That’s what people have been saying! I had to Google what it was because I’ve never watched it, but now I might have to!" @patsye_l adds, "CONGRATULATIONS!!! Also omg great minds think alike because I got engaged on 12/10 too!" @Alysha Cisneros asked, "Were the people in the back people you know? If not I so wonder what their reaction was. Cutest proposal ever!" Chelsey replied to her with, "Nope! as soon as he got down on his knee, he actually froze for a second and goes “…it was just supposed to be just us in here!" LOL"

@Violet had the sweetest comment with, "I had someone tell me that the love I believe in is only in movies…THIS…this is why I know that my person is out there." We hope you find that person, Violet! Congratulations to Chelsey and her husband-to-be!

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