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Mom's Reaction to Meeting Son's Fiance for the First Time Is Just Perfect

If only all parents could be this accepting.

Awwww! @blakemcgrathofficial shares a happy TikTok, and one that made us tear up!

Blake shares a sweet video of his mom meeting his fiancé for the first time. It shows his mom getting out of a car at the airport, dancing over to meet her son-in-law-to-be. She's excited and there's clearly lots of love already between the two of them!

Isn't that just the best? His mom was so excited to finally meet her son's husband to be, and it shows! Blake's caption reads, "I am so grateful to have a mother who affirms and loves me for all that I am! To anyone out there who doesn’t have the same I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW LOVED YOU ARE!" His mom is awesome, and so are his words. 

Commenters loved it too! @Debbie shared, "I love this for you two!! I am one of these moms, I love my girls (daughter & wife)!" @Rohan Greenaway adds, "He’s a keeper if his mum's like that." @jewel says, "You're so lucky to have them both!" And @marieeichstadt isn't wrong with, 'We need more mothers as wonderful as her. Blessings!" @tinawebb776 also loved the meeting, "This is the way it should always be, our children being happy!!!!" @jaxdeno1 offered, "This is what should happen. Total love, support and acceptance. Not rejection." We agree!

Our favorite comment came from @daffyduck770, "You are a lucky guy!!! I love your mother and I don't even know her...!! She seems to be full of life!!" She absolutely does! We hope they all have an amazing visit together and enjoy each other's company!

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