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Mom's Excitement Over Seeing Daughter's Boyfriend Is Internet Gold

We can't stop laughing at this!

Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend that your family seemed to like more than you? That what seems to be happening with @Becca von Berreghy's mom!

Becca shared a video of her boyfriend pulling up to her mom's house for a visit. To say mom was excited to see him would be an understatement!

How funny is that? Mom is dancing and waiting for him to get out of the Jeep! Becca says that this is the only boyfriend of hers that her mom has ever liked. He must be something!

Becca's funny video has over 3 million views, and commenters had lots to say about it. @Hillary Scott laughs, "She’s picking him over you if it doesn’t work, so marry that man!" @Brooke agrees, "He’s definitely husband material when mom loves him too." @Diane gets it and says, "My high school boyfriend still visits my parents 40+ years later." @kimd936 exclaims, "Omg your mom is priceless and him flashing the lights love it!" And @Alli wasn't kidding when she said, "No seriously if it isn’t this, I don’t want it!"

@Nagam, Brian and Max kind of missed the point when they shared, "I just fixed my Wrangler’s left headlamp. Similarly, brights/blinker work but regular light doesn’t. Replace the middle wiring harness, probably corroded." Becca actually responded with, "Good advice! I'll let him know." @Mindy Lew has some advice too, "@Seth Mantegna step up your game lol" 

But @Brittany Michelle is all of us when she advises Becca, "You better keep that one if mama is dancing when he comes over." We just love how happy this video made everybody! 

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