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Woman's Mom Epically Ruins Her Date in the Most Embarrassing Way

Sounds like pretty much every mom we know.

Think of something that your mom did to embarrass you, and we bet that @Lyss can top it with her quick but cringeworthy TikTok.

Lyss' video is literally 5 seconds long. But after you read what she shares about how her mom ruined a potentially good thing, you'll get why she shared it. We just wish we could've heard the rest of that conversation after he sent her the screenshot!

We actually read her caption in our mom's voice! It says, ""I don't know how to use Instagram. I wanted to see a pic. I'm sorry". The video has been viewed more than 3 million times, has over 300 thousand likes, and hundreds of comments, so people can relate. And they came out to tell their mom stories!

@Maddie got more than 35 thousand likes for her comment, "Moms for real have no shame". @Lauren's comment made us cringe, "We had only been seeing each other for like a week and my mom accidentally shared his profile picture to her FB wall…..TWICE." @ash's mom was not playing, "The last time I gave my mom personal information about someone I was dating she PAID FOR A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK FOR HIM???" Another commenter admitted, "My mom sent a friend request to my ex’s new girlfriend's mom". @chickenthestrips made us LOL with, "My mom found his childhood YouTube account and subscribed." @Emely wraps it up with, "Exactly why I don’t tell my mom anyone’s name".  What can we say? Moms definitely know how to embarrass us all! 

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