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Mom's Response to Daughter Leaving a Bad Relationship Is Too Sweet

Moms will always be there for their kids, no matter what.

No matter how old you are, your mom's always going to be there to parent, help, and protect you. @Janeya recently found that, and TikTokers everywhere are here for it.

Janeya's video starts out with her explaining that she left a bad relationship and had to move back home with her daughter. Her caption reads, "Moms are a blessing, loving this new journey & life for me and my daughter." What her mom does for her is really touching.

What an awesome mom! She converted her garage into an apartment for her daughter and granddaughter. The before and after videos are pretty amazing. You'd never know her new home was a garage! 

There were a lot of comments - over 13,000 of them! And they were all extremely supportive. @Jameelah Jones says, "I really think this is how our communities are meant to live." @Nikia Kay shares, "A mother's love is unmatched. I miss mine dearly." @Mercy exclaims, "Moms are angels from heaven!" And lots of commenters wanted to see the fully furnished apartment, like @Bre who said, "We need fully furnished apartment tour! I love this!"

We went to her page to see if she had an update on what it looks like furnished, but as of now, there isn't one. Janeya did add a comment to the video - it has over 9 million views! - saying, "Omg I’m so overwhelmed from all the love & support! Thank you so much I’ll be sure to post more updates and a full tour when I’m settled." We'll definitely be waiting for it!