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Mom Comforting Daughter During Her First 'Divorced' Christmas Is So Touching

Going through a divorce is hard enough. The stress and emotional exhaustion of this major life event is enough to leave anyone gloomy and out of sorts. Throw in the holidays and that can send you straight into seasonal depression. If you're lucky, you might have a loved one close by that cares enough to lend a shoulder to cry on. For one woman, that person was her mom. 

In this video, TikToker @laurenemilyjuarez shares a heartbreaking moment between a mother and daughter that is so touching and relatable, you'll want to grab your tissues for this one. 

It's entirely understand that someone wouldn't be in the holiday spirit given the circumstances. The holidays are a time of love and togetherness and of course that's going to be challenging for anyone going through a phase of loneliness. 

Support and love is pouring in from viewership, and it looks like many can relate as some have experienced this themselves. Commenter @savannahbish94 says, "When going through my divorce I told my mom ‘I’m scared’ her response was ‘I am too’ and it was the most reassuring thing I had ever heard." There are also those who are going through it right now. User @in_asunflowerfield says, "Let's do this together ... my first too." 

Other viewers came to show respect to such a caring and kind mother. User @lzog4230 says, "Wow how beautiful that she didn’t try and invalidate you. She said 'it’s okay to be sad.'" Commenter @waiting4autumn says, "You’ve got a great mama. The weight of those words now that I’m a mom just took my breath away."

This woman is so lucky to have a mom that cares so much for her, yet will stand in that moment with her and let her know that it's okay to feel what she's feeling. It's safe to say that's all a part of what mothers are for.  

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