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Molly Sims' Hilarious Realization About Husbands Is So Relatable

LOL husbands everywhere experience the same magic.

Actress and model @mollybsims hits the nail on the head with this 5 second TikTok. We actually laughed out loud!

If you're married or in a long-term relationship, you'll totally relate to this. Molly has been married to her husband, Scott Stuber for 10 years. Scott is a film producer and head of original films for Netflix. When you've been together for that long, you both fall into routines. Apparently one of Molly's "jobs" is to shop for their family.

We totally get this! Molly doesn't say anything in the video, but the words "Imagine being a husband and saying "I'm out of toothpaste" and magically the next day a new toothpaste appears on your bathroom counter." It's magic! 

Commenters - both men and women - were there to share their similar stories. @ElementaryMrsKelly could relate, "This is true for deodorant, shampoo, and many other things also." Molly replied back with, "TOO many things!" @Tiffany Carter shares, "Fresh sheets & towels magically appear every 3 days."

@Andrea Zito Fausto made us laugh with this comment, "My Mom says to my Dad “in my next life I want to come back as you” - this is why…." 

The guys acknowledged the truth in Molly's magic. @Springer02 says, "The fairy comes to your house too?!" @djeberhardt also comments, "I don’t imagine. It happens. Frickin Copperfield type stuff." @Jeep dad is guilty too, "I just tell my wife I need new clothes for work and things just magically show up in my closet." And 

@Bluuice wraps it up with, "In our house, he runs out of something, and magically so do I…. wonder where mine goes…..hmmm" Funny how that works!