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Poignant Message About Relationships Is One We Should Take to Heart

It's written on a street sign.

Sometimes the simplest message is the most powerful. You don't always need a lot of words to make people understand something strong and meaningful. That's definitely the case with a poignant message that @theopeninvite shared recently.

This TikTok has been viewed over a million times in less than a day, so you know it's gotta be a good one. It's only 5 seconds long, but the message is striking a chord with so many people. 

"Pay attention to who makes you fall in love with life again." That's it. Just a short sentence, but it says so much! @theopeninvite's caption reads, "Who did you think of?" Those are the people that you should focus your energy towards. Those are the people that make life worth living and that you should surround yourself with. Such a powerful message, isn't it?

Commenters loved it, too. @faithisonmyside shares, "Yeah it’s kind of funny how we don’t ever really stop and think. We get so centered in our own feelings which in some arguments do more damage." @Marie says, "Wholesome content of the day!" @Melanie Decastro proudly said "IT WAS ME. Every.time." @Andrew Guillan admits, "My best friend. She saved me from ending it all and showed me what it’s like to care for and to love someone."

We love how commenters were tagging their people and expressing their love. It was so heartwarming to read through so many positive, heartwarming comments. It really makes you believe in all of the love that is out there!

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