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Dating Coach Says There's a Key to Knowing a Man Is Actually Committed

Let's say you've been seeing this guy for a little while, and you think things are going great. You inevitably start to wonder where it's going and how committed he actually is, but you're not sure how to go about addressing this topic. 

Dating and relationship coach @the_true_feminine_ is sharing one pivotal way to find out whether or not a man really wants to be with you. Sadly, this gets overlooked far too often. 

Ah yes, the talk on exclusivity. It's a dreaded conversation, but one that needs to be had if you want to establish a mutual agreement of commitment and loyalty. Why is it such an intimidating subject? Well, it's likely because you sense that you're putting yourself on the line and taking a risk on being rejected. 

Commenter @msbabygrl1 says, "Just had to ask this recently. And seemed to get a good answer," and @dranuh_  adds, "True if I see him again in person I’m asking him this. I decided to distance myself for now though." On the other hand, some viewers seem to understand how the struggle to ask this is all too real. "It’s such a great question and a terrifying one to ask," says @onemathmom.

If having this talk is stressing you out, try peppering it into a casual conversation. That way it doesn't feel like you're trying to make some epic proposal. Ultimately, all you really want to know is what their intentions are with you and where things are headed, which is a completely normal and valid ask. 

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