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Video Depicting Difference Between Men and Women Doing Chores Is Priceless

This couldn't be more true!

The amount of truth in this TikTok shared by @justcallmehomegirl is mind blowing! Although it's all in good fun, we know a lot of women will be able to relate to it.

It starts out with Homegirl putting a box of trash next to the stairs. Clearly the intention is that is has to go downstairs. Her husband walks by, sees it, and ignores it. Next, you see her put a reusable bag next to the stairs. Husband scoots it out of the way and ignores it. What he does when she puts a laundry basket right in front of the stairs makes us LOL and want to pull our hair out at the same time!

We're sure moms everywhere can relate to this! Just step right over the laundry basket, no need to help us out and take it downstairs. It's so frustratingly funny because it's true in so many households!

Commenters were torn though on whether what husband did was right or wrong. @Carol Miranda definitely is on Homegirl's side, "Then they wonder why we start screaming." @Audrey Smith901 says, "Him.... YoU ShOuLd HaVe AsKeD!" And @Julia states what we've all heard before, "I love when they say “Well I didn’t know what you were going to do with it”."

Others were Team Husband. @Crafty_whimsy shares, "but have you told them if it’s there it’s because it goes downstairs? Mine would assume not to touch it because I didn’t say anything." @jammin jamin agrees with, "Takes it down just to get yelled at for putting it in the wrong place." @Natan also agrees, "Hey if you put something somewhere, we’ll assume that’s where you wanted it." Mmmmhhhmm, sure. We left trash by the stairs because that's where we wanted it!

@LaP wraps it up with, "It’s funny but it’s not." That's pretty accurate, don't you think?

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