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Man Explains Why So Many Men Are Dating Older Women

Is there still a stigma around dating older women or younger men in today's society? The modern dating scene has changed drastically in the last couple of decades and people are now more open to meeting others from different backgrounds, cultures, and even ages. That said, are older women having a newfound moment in the spotlight? One man seems to think so. 

In this clip, dating coach Matthew Coast tells us why so many men today prefer to date older women, and the reasons he gives are pretty enlightening.

What he's saying makes sense. Men these days are done with the games and the drama, and we don't blame them for that. Truth is, older women are generally more mature and in control of their lives. They know what they want and they're not afraid to go for it, and men love that.

In the comments, it seems a lot of people can relate to Matthew's conclusions as well. Viewer @britanyinhouston explains, "Because we are more mature and fun without the drama. Younger guys are typically less damaged then guys my age or older." To add to that point, younger guys have an incredible energy for pleasing women, which many women find sexy. 

Another commenter, @saratea_ recalls, "Since 35 I’ve dated younger & they said they’ve appreciated my no nonsense & I appreciate them in return & have learned from them as well!" That's another thing too - many younger guys appreciate women who aren't putting bs. Many people think younger men are immature, until they meet one who isn't. User @missmayrazee says, "The younger guy I'm dating has the maturity level that none of the older guys I have dated have ever shown. He has treated me like a lady like no other." 

For many young men, dating older women gives them more of the type of relationship they truly crave in their lives - one with security, stability, a deeper connection, and great sex. If you can achieve that then you've got it made.