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Man Lists One Thing Men Do When They Truly Care About Women

When a man truly cares about you, he may show it in a variety of ways. He may pay more attention to what you say or place added value on your opinion. But have any of the many ways become overlooked? Consider for a moment, the difference between attention and care. 

Relationship guru and TikToker @therigomendoza reminds us about one thing a man will do to show he truly cares, proving that sometimes it's the little things that matter most in a relationship. 

What he's saying here is absolutely true! Sometimes it's necessary to get back to the basics. The truth is, when you really care about someone, it will naturally show through in their behavior on a consistent basis. And if you're not feeling the love, or like something is "off," that's typically a sign they aren't as invested as you thought they were. 

Users in the comments resonate with this sentiment as well. Commenter @dorothie17 says, "Thank you for being loud. I have been making excuses for them," and @materialgworlsnipedyou says, "2023 will not be begging for a man to show me the attention I deserve." Well said! Commenter @DaniaQadwri also confirms this belief, "If someone truly cares about they will make time for you and make you a priority, regardless of how “ busy” they are. Learned that the hard way."

In other words, if someone really cares about you, you will feel it from them instinctively. If you can't feel it, then maybe it's time to revaluate the relationship. 

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