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Meghan Trainor Shares Sweet Story of How She Met Her Famous Husband

We had no clue this is who she's married to.

Meghan Trainor is famous for her songwriting and for singing pop songs, but we didn't know she was married to someone famous...and he was a Spy Kid! That's right, her husband Daryl Sabara played Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids movies. The story of the way they met is super cute!

Meghan recently made an appearance on @thedrewbarrymoreshow, and Drew asked her how her and her husband met. It's funny how things always work out on their own schedule.

"Are you Spy Kids?!" So cute how she fangirled out like that! We thought she was going to say that they started dating at that point but loved the story even more after learning that it wasn't until two years later that they got together! She told her friend Chloe Moreitz that she was looking for a nice guy. Chloe said her BFF was the nicest guy. They all went on a double date, and the rest is history. So sweet! 

Commenters enjoyed the story too. @Lisa says, "Chloe Moretz, the wingman of the century!" @Mar laughs, "No, no, He isn’t a SPY Kid, he is THE SPY KID!" @vevsop made us say "awwwww!" when she shared, "And now they have a Spy Baby!" @Hailee loved, "“My best friend is the nicest guy” I love that!" We did too! And like us, @Sandra Oliver also caught the timing, "This is the perfect example of right person, wrong time. They met again in 2 years after first meeting."

Our favorite comment though came from @prettyinpinks who said, "“I’m not married to a child" I love how she wanted to clarify it for us all." We laughed out loud at that one too!