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Martha Stewart Shares Her Thoughts on the Dating Scene and We're Here for It

We're totally feeling what she said.

When Martha Stewart speaks, people listen. @hodaandjenna recently shared a clip of Martha Stewart discussing what she thinks about dating, and we get it!

In the clip, Hoda and Jenna are chatting with Martha about dating. She goes on to say that she was at a restaurant recently and a man said hello to her and asked if she remembered him. She did not but thought he might be someone nice to date. Then they ask if she's looking for someone, and her reply was "I don't know." Her reason why is totally understandable.

We're right there with Martha! It sounds like she's in a good place and doesn't want to have to deal with dating drama. And her response to having to make coffee for somebody else is too funny! 

Commenters liked what she had to say as well. @ynot is not wrong when she says, "It takes a good man to replace no man at all." @malthegal20 makes a good point when she says, "Martha’s in her 80s she doesn’t want to spend the last 20 years of her life dealing with someone else’s bs." @Sammy Swerves, and many other commenters can't believe Martha's age - she's 81! Sammy is shocked, "HOW IS MARTHA 81 YEARS OLD?!?! EIGHTY ONE!!!!! She looks better than most 60 year olds!" Sammy, you're not wrong!

@leerichard83 adds, "I'm a gay man and I'm just happiest by myself totally understand the taking care of someone else she's talking about." @Rian Acuna gets it too, "Same, Martha, same.", as does @karrifairchild, "Martha is speaking my language."

@Hannah Berner wins with her comment, "Can she please be the next bachelorette?" We totally agree! That would be the best season ever!