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Woman Makes the Perfect Case for 'Marrying the Nerd'

We're totally sold!

Most women are not attracted to nerds, but maybe they should be! @AmandaJoie has several reasons why marrying a nerd is smart, and each one of them makes sense.

Her video has over 18 million views, 1.2 million likes, and more than 12 thousand comments, so people are listening to what she has to say about marrying the nerd. The video starts with a clip of another TikToker who says, "To the girlies dating Star Wars men so we don't have to" and she's saying thank you. Flash back over to Amanda who immediately says, "Just sliding in to say I married the Star Wars guy, and it was worth every second. Let me tell you why..."

All valid reasons, right? She's dated all the different 'types' of men, and according to Amanda, not a single one of them will treat you as good as a nerd will. All of her reasoning made sense, but we thought it was cute when she added in that they're easy to buy gifts for since you can find Star Wars stuff everywhere.

Commenters had lots to say, like @Becky Bold who shares, "Star Wars wife here. Can’t remember the last time I had only one O. Date the nerds - they like to know things and master them." @Kerterm wants to clarify and points out, "The good nerdy guy, not the misogynistic nerdy guy, but yes agreed." @Emily VonGronigen admits, "Not a Star Wars wife but I am a Pokémon wife. He’s nerdy yes but god damn am I treated like a queen." @Olivia adds, "Yesss. I married the tall skinny gamer guy. Great job in tech, so sweet and good to me, and if you don’t know about the skinny boys let me just say..."

There was not one comment that we ran across that did not confirm that nerds are best. So ladies, broaden your horizons and go find yourself a nerd!

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