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Woman Makes Epic Move After Matching With Married Pastor on Tinder

Some believe in letting karma do the dirty work, and others prefer to give it a bit of a push every now and then. That's exactly what one woman did when she found out the man she matched with on Tinder was a married pastor, and then she came for his neck. 

In this clip, TikToker @teawithjessie shares a brief story about a man wgo evidently has no shame or moral integrity in his line of work.  What she did in the name of truth was truly one for the books.

The savagery! We can't say that we blame her either. If there is a such thing as karma, this would be it. Sometimes you just have to wonder if they think they'll never get caught, or is it that they know, they just don't care? At any rate, many women would appreciate this woman's act of service, even if it is a difficult pill to swallow. 

Many viewers are grateful for this woman's actions as well. User @brookeronk says, "You are the one doing the lords work," and @wonderlady777 says, "Thanks for caring about other women. You are very cool." Another user @annabmamma says, "Good for you. I would have HANDED her my phone."

One can only wonder what that poor woman thought when she found out her husband of faith wasn't so faithful. Wherever she is, we hope she's doing better, because it's safe to say she would be better off without him. 

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