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Couple's Therapist Shares 8 Signs a Marriage Is Past the Point of No Return

Is it possible that any failing marriage be potentially restored, or is there point where things have become so critical that it's best to just part ways? One woman on TikTok shares insight into this subject matter. 

Couple's therapist Monika Hoyt delves into the signs to look for that a marriage has suffered irreparable damage, and what she has to say is incredibly enlightening. 

Monika covers a lot of ideas to consider in this video. It's true when she says the the only way forward is prevention. Anything with a structural foundation needs to be nurtured with routine maintenance and care, and a relationship is the same way. Basically, a marriage needs to stay on its toes before it crumbles completely. 

When people get comfortable in a relationship, they'll often become complacent, and that's typically when issues arise. It looks as if many viewers agree on that note as well. Commenter @jonlopez777 says, "The problem is that it’s takes losing the person for the one at fault to realize they are at fault." They say hindsight is 20/20 - sadly, the same isn't true for foresight. That said, user @zhulik_ shared and interesting adage. "I’ve always followed the motto of making change while change is happening. It’s tough changing yourself when things are stagnant." If you're not changing, then you're not growing.  Finally, @iknowyouarebutwhatami1 advises, "It’s hard work keeping a marriage strong. Both must be committed to its success." 

Marriage is a partnership between two people, and both parties need to be equally dedicated to putting forth the effort it takes to make it last. Ignoring red flags because you want to assume the good in people and in the marriage could cost you later. If you tap into what your gut it telling you, you'll find it will tell you what your head hasn't figured out yet.