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Man's Joke About Going to Sleep Without Telling His Wife Is Priceless

This is just so true!

Anybody in a long-term relationship will laugh at the accuracy of @jampikelets joke about lying down to go to sleep...without mentioning it to his wife.

It's a quick little video, but it packs a lot of truth. It starts with some writing that says, "My wife when I try to go to sleep without pre-warning her." He's in bed, lying down, and rolls over on his side. Flash over to his wife who asks, "What are you doing?" Of course he responds with "Going to sleep." Her reply is everything!

Her reply, "Well you could've told me." We think wives everywhere have said this at least once! Whether we think before we speak or not, it's more about why he didn't bother to say goodnight, not so much that he was going to sleep. Because let's face it, husbands have the ability to fall asleep in less than 10 seconds! @legendofzeldaaa agrees, "You need to say goodnight!!!!!!!"

Commenters had a good time with this TikTok. @addyourname is so right when she says, "It’s always after you’ve both been on your phones and haven’t talked for the last 2 hours." @Sez172 shares, "LOL! I normally say "Fine, goodnight to you too then" or "What? No kiss goodnight?"" @Ford gets is and advises, "Because you should give her a kiss and tell her you love her before you do."

And @He Lena had our favorite comment, "It’s not pre-warning it’s called saying good night." Yep, it's really that simple. All you have to do to make your wife happy is before rolling over, say goodnight!

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