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Man Pretends to Be on the Phone with Mom in Front of His Wife and Hilarity Ensues

This is just way too funny!

We love when husband and wives prank each other, and @caseyandkaci's prank doesn't disappoint! 

The couple is in their car, and the husband pretends to take a phone call from his mom. His mom asks the couple to come over for dinner, but he says that they're not coming over because they have leftovers to eat. His wife is flabbergasted that he would turn down his mom's invitation, and hilarity ensues during the rest of the pretend conversation!

The wife is appalled! She can't believe that he's throwing her under the bus with his mom! She is so relieved to find out it's all a joke. The whole conversation is too funny! Our favorite part is when she says, "That is unacceptable!" 

Commenters loved the banter back and forth too. @julesc isn't wrong when he says, "The equivalent of "ask your mom if I can sleep over but don't tell her I asked" as a kid." @Destiny Lee made us laugh with, "Lmao you're so sweet. I would've been in the background like "I'M for sure coming but idk about him"". @HaNnAh isn't wrong when she adds, "Cooking > leftover."

@cheyanne and brandon say, "My husband does the same thing (eye roll) Says I’m saying stuff in the background making me look crazy." That's what husbands and wives do! @Shawna Tidwell comes to his wife's defense and says, "She is precious!! Don’t play with her feelings like that!" Kaci replies back, "Payback will be good!" We can't wait to see how she gets him back!

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