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Man Reveals Lack of Specific Texts That Prove a Man's Not Interested

This should honestly be common knowledge.

They say it's the little things that count, right? Well, if that's true then @Jas Billan knows what he's talking about!

Now his caption reads, "If he takes his phone with him in the toilet, he’s not your man." We totally are not buying that...everybody takes their phone with them to the toilet! @vydiana7 agrees, "He's my man and I can't fight him. He takes his phone to the bathroom...says it's to entertain him when he takes the dump." And @arivali agrees, "I do the same for the same reason." Yeah, we get that. BUT, some of the other stuff that he says makes sense! So, is he really interested in you? 

We get it!!! We agree! It's all true. You want your person to reach out to you throughout the day, checking on you and so you know they're thinking about you. It literally takes seconds. So do you agree with what Jas has to say? 

Some commenters did. @Sophie says, "Ganna save this and send this to him!" @Sanita exclaims, "I'm posting this as my status! It made my day. Thank you!"

Jas' response to @Eiramm Amron surprised us. Eiramm said, "He's not my man, but he's doing that anyways." Jas responded with, "You’re either very lucky or on the super rotation package." Ooof! And 267 others agreed with him by liking the comment.

Not gonna lie, our favorite part of this entire video is when he makes the faces. So cute and so true! @Leolady was there for it too, "Hahaha the facial expression tho!" @Alexis_Lauren190 laughed, "I tried to screenshot the second facial expression for my man's reference!" We did too, Alexis! 

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