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Man's Story of Marrying Former 'NSYNC Video Vixen Is Too Sweet

What a blast from the past!

Awwww! @bigesmalls80 (Dud) absolutely loves his wife, and you can tell in this TikTok he shares while he is watching her on an old VHS tape.

He was watching an old video, but it's not an old home movie. His wife Christina happens to be the girl in the first NSYNC video! He tells the story of how they met (in high school) and how they worked together at Universal Studios in Orlando. They were both working one day when the NSYNC video director walked by and noticed her. He stopped and asked if she'd like to audition for the video, and she did. And the rest is, well, history. But the cutest thing about this whole TikTok is when Dud is watching his now-wife dance. 

We love listening to him talk about how hot his girlfriend at the time was and you can totally tell he still thinks she is! It's the sweetest. @kb agreed with, "I love that you still brag about her. so cute. and what a cool experience." We also laughed when he started singing along with the video.

Commenters adored the TikTok as well. @Charlene asks, "Awww can we see photos of you guys in HS!?" @airiiian made us giggle with, "Me shocked that you still have a working VHS at home." Dud replied, "Only because I have this tape!" @audriatebo said what we were all thinking when she shared, "We need a wife reveal for now!" And @LILA was right when she said, "the flex of all flexes!" @Jen wasn't wrong when she said, "God if this was me I would make it my “fun fact about myself” at every work meeting." So would we!

@morocla made a great point with, "What’s more impressive is that you guys were in high school and are still together." That is pretty impressive. But @jess_the_mess_07 was all of us when she said, "I would straight up be showing this every time I hosted friends over haha!" Us too Jess!

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