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Man's Description of What It's Like to Hug Women These Days Is Priceless

He's certainly not wrong!

We love @malcolm0471's humor, especially this TikTok because it's undeniably true and spot on. The best part of the whole thing is the sound, it's a throaty laugh and it made us laugh even more.

Although he doesn't say anything in the video, the look on his face and his attitude says all he needs to say. The caption reads, "They wearing all this stuff under their clothes now." He's not wrong at all.

Isn't that funny? "Feeling like you hugging the police" makes us laugh out loud! Between waist trainers and shapers and Spanx, he's not lying. @Cheyenne Jackson totally gets it, "I’ll never forget when my coworker hugged me, and he said you got a bullet proof vest on??" 

There were too many comments to count that were nothing but LOL emojis. But some commenters chimed in. @thebellamkay proudly says, "My man still feels softness over here." @InGodsHands2018 agrees, "There are still some of us "soft" ones out" @Daisy advises, "Y’all hugging the wrong type lol" @Katherine Swart902 laughs, "But the police need more hugs!" @LilyKay isn't playing when she says, "Hahah leave our waist trainers alone! They get the job done!" @BeanieBine appreciated the video and shared, "I needed this! This guy said I was "soft* yesterday. Today I'm in the gym trying to find a trainer!" @shawt_tina kept it serious though, "What if you're a nurse and having back problems like myself and having to wear a back brace?"

We loved @Asher Cupid's response best, "Lol True, but I prefer to look how I am then wearing all dat. I don't care if I am slim or fat, I love myself. The way I am is fine..." Well said Asher!

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