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Man Gets Totally Scammed After Believing He's Being Hit on at the Gym

The audacity of the guy who did this!

This is one of those stories that are hard to believe even happened! @Chris Olsen shared a video of him explaining how he got scammed at the gym, but he thought he was being hit on!

Chris starts by saying he was at the gym, minding his own business, when he notices a hot guy watching him. He didn't think much about it at first because the guy was straight and he's gay, but then the guy approaches him and strikes up a conversation. Chris asks the guy for his Instagram, and he says he doesn't have any social media, which in hindsight to Chris was the first red flag. So the guy asks Chris for his phone so he could give him his number. Then he tells Chris to continue with his workout. Chris thought the guy wanted to watch him, so he does. The guy hands back the phone, says he texted himself (wink, wink) and disappears. After the workout, Chris realizes the guy did not in fact text himself. But he did do something else...

This guy sent himself 20 bucks through Venmo with a message that said, "Merry Christmas!" Who does that? 

Of course, commenters were shaken by it too. @Taylor Olson says, "$20 is such a humble swindle too." @lz laughs, "“MY WATTPAD MOMENT” howling!" @Emma Jean Taylor wonders, "Okay, but why only $20?" We thought the same thing! Maybe the guy recognized the social media star and was just being funny? @. asks, "FIRST OF ALL WHY WOULD YOUGIVE SOMEONE YOUR PHONE AND DO PULL UPS???"

We laughed at several comments, like @cat+jax who said, "This story is worth the $20!" They're not wrong! We also laughed at @Glorytorigirlsmom, "This is NOT where I thought this was going at all!" Agreed! Never in a million years would we have guessed that ending!

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