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Man's Funny Take on Trying to Find a Girlfriend Right Now Is the Best

He's totally not wrong!

If you've ever felt hopeless when trying to find a significant other, you'll appreciate the hilarious analogy that @Brant Weiss shares!

Meeting new people can be really difficult, especially if you live in a small town or away from major cities. We're not sure where Brant lives, but maybe he's in that same boat. Brant likens trying to find a girlfriend to something that will make you laugh out loud. And he's not wrong about it, either!

Too funny! Trying to find a girlfriend is like trying to book a Southwest flight. So accurate! And with more than 2,500 comments, Brant's situation was relatable to a lot of people. He's not a bad looking guy, and we couldn't happen but notice that most of the commenters were women who either shared their location with him or asked him for his location. We don't think he'll have a very hard time meeting people after this!

@Patricia Fluellen knows the feeling, "I am in the same boat but not trying to find a girlfriend but trying to find my man." @Aein Sakura advises, "Try replying or adding the girl you like." @Annie's being helpful when she says, "Really let's do this! I am also searching." @Roosh Arts is ready or him and adds, "How about a flight to Maldives?" @rimzz04 says, "Been waitin' for you babe!"

We agree with @allison hardy who said, "I don't believe that." @Belle Tejeda laughed when she added, "Lmao, good one! Welcome to the club!" He's definitely not alone in his search!

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