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Man Has Best Response to Fiancé Asking If He Finds Other Women Attractive

How would you respond if your partner asks you if you find other people attractive? Would you be honest? (Like for real?)

In this clip by Anxiety Couple, a woman asks her boyfriend if she finds other women attractive, and his response is impressive! Check out what he says to her. It's definitely unexpected!

What a nice save! What he's saying makes sense. Anyone who's been in a long relationship long enough knows how you can find other people good looking, but still only maintain desire to be with your partner and no one else. We all have eyes and just because we're in in a committed relationship doesn't mean other people stop being attractive.  

Many who've seen the video sure are getting a kick out of it. One commenter, @cobrakai_musicweirdo says, “He saved his self from sleeping on the couch,” and @deathprodigy56 adds, “Scott understood the assignment.” Others seem to enjoy Scott's monologue. User @axol_lilchonk says, “This was an excellent speech. Also keep up the good work.” Commenter @toripatterson77 shares a good point about how you can find other people physically appealing but still only want to be with your significant other. “Yo this is mine and my bf's outlook we can look because people are pretty but they aren't him and he's who I want to be with forever and vice versa.”

One thing is for certain, Scott doesn't have to go to the dog house today. He was articulate in his speech and made his point well, and we think she bought it too! Gentlemen, you might want to write this one down for when your lady sneaks this question up on you. You never know when you might need it.