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Man Forgets His Fake Tooth Upon Meeting Girlfriend's Parents and It's Priceless

At least he has a great sense of humor!

We can't figure out who would be more embarrassed in the situation that @Caden McDonald recently shared - him, his girlfriend, or her parents! In this video, Caden admits he's meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time, but he forgot something pretty important since he was trying to make a good first impression

Although the video is only 5 seconds long, Caden's sense of humor shines right through. He doesn't say anything but writes, "When you meet your girlfriend's parents for the first time and forgot your fake tooth at home so now you look like a hillbilly backwards dude as a first impression". We wish we could've been there to see their reactions!

His smile at the end is the best! We actually laughed out loud at that smile, and we bet her parents did as well. His caption reads, "Not the impression I wanted to leave, but they are amazing though". We're glad it worked out for him!

Commenters definitely had fun with his video. @Meagan Stacy teased and made us laugh again with her comment, "Thorry, I weft my toof at home"! @leosgrandma13 laughed, "Authentically you LOL"! @Hissingheiny added, "So now you're more charming!" @marleyking543 said exactly what we were thinking, "LOL! That would be something I would never leave home without!" Who knows, maybe it's different for guys.

@Samuel lucas had our favorite comment with, "Well embrace it and Yeehaww the hell out of it!" Might as well enjoy that hillbilly vibe!

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