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Man's Over-the-Top Response to Being Dumped Has People Rallying for Him

This poor guy must've really cared for that person.

We're not sure if this video is real or not, but if it is, we all want to give Ryan a big hug! What happens is that @bensonboone finds out that his roommate Ryan just got broken up with. He goes in to check on the poor guy and finds him in the bathroom. 

Even though we don't know if it was a serious relationship, had gone on for years or months, you can't help feeling for the guy. Just wait till you see how Benson finds him. He knocks on the bathroom door and asks Ryan how he's doing. When he pulls back the shower curtain, he's got to be surprised by what he finds.

Awwww! We're heartbroken for him! He's curled up in a ball in the bathtub with the shower going. Probably to drown out the sounds of him crying...not that we would know or anything. And the song playing - was it their song? We have so many questions! It's okay Ryan, we've all been there before. And we're here for you now. 

For the most part, commenters were super sympathetic, how can you not be? Several female commenters replied with comments about how cute Ryan is. They're not wrong! @Nadia Sparklez Jorda commiserates with Ryan, "Ryan and I had a very similar day.... Get well soon." @mlp offers up, "Benson.....give Ryan a big hug......and a towel!"

TikTokers loved the song too. @phiwedhlamini asks, "What's the name of the song that's playing?" @Maria_teresa replies, "Visual representation of me when this song came out." But others were skeptical about whether or not this video was fact or fiction. Turns out, the music playing was performed by - you guessed it - Benson himself! @Justice Wood says what several commenters were thinking: "“Hey bro, I know you just got broken up with, but I have the great idea to promote my music...“ and @LyndsayJ chimes in with, "This has gotta be one of the most clever music promotions I’ve seen in a long time."

Whether it's legit or not, we hope Ryan is okay!