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Woman Explains Unlikely Way She Caught Her Man Cheating

What are the odds?

According to @Abby, it's Uber Eats for the win if you're trying to catch a cheating boyfriend! Abby posted a 'GRWM' (get ready with me) video and she explains how she caught the dumbest guy she ever dated cheating.

Abby said her spidey senses were going crazy when her now-ex-boyfriend told her that he was going to stay home and study and play video games on a Friday night. She knew something was up. She also explained that his ex-girlfriend had been snapping him on Snapchat. When she asked him about that, he just said that the ex was "obsessed with me". She decides to go out with friends, but after some undercover work, she discovers that he's not at home. That's when she hatches her genius Uber Eats plan and sets it in action!

Genius! She knows he's not home but sends him food wifey vibes. But of course, he's not there to get it so she calls him. He stutters through the conversation trying to come up with a believable excuse - getting gas - and that's when she let's him know he's been caught.

Commenters liked the Uber Eats idea, with a few changes. @TIFF says, "Nah I would have sent a singular water bottle not a whole dinner." Abby replies back though, and it makes sense, "See but on the off chance he wasn’t doing anything this would’ve made me look crazy!" @Reial M admits, "And I would’ve drove right to his house and got the food back that I done paid for!" Us too!

Our favorite though came from @ishrat who says, "This should be an Uber Eats AD LOL." That's totally true! Abby liked the idea too and ended up tagging Uber Eats. They haven't responded yet, but we sure hope they do!

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