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Love Expert' Claims to Have the Secret to Making a Man Miss Someone

It's honestly kind of a no-brainer.

Want to know the secret to making a man miss you? Love Expert @magnetizeyourman (Brody) claims to know it, and shares it with us all.

Now it seems obvious and that it goes without saying, but it's always good to hear this kind of advice more than once. That's especially true if you're currently dating and feeling defeated, or if you are wondering how your relationship is going.

Brody says that you make a man miss you by bringing fun, play, sexuality, and adventure into your relationship. He goes on to say that you want to help a man feel all of the emotions that he doesn't normally get to feel by himself. He adds that in a way you give him 'permission' to feel those emotions. He says his wife says it's like giving him an experience. He also says don't be afraid to add in things that may feel a little dangerous, scary, or taboo. You're giving your man a 'variety of emotions' that he may not feel throughout the day. Do you agree with what Brody has to say on the subject?

Surprisingly, there were only four comments on Brody's post. Three of them said nothing more than yes or yep. The other, from @Alyssa us and Saul said, "How to text." We're not exactly sure what that means, other than maybe they want some tips on how to text if you're missing someone (or they're missing you)?

Overall, we think Brody just stated the obvious. Hopefully it can act as a good reminder and might even work as a way to rev up a dwindling fire in a long-term relationship.

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